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How Commercial Launderers Can Improve Employee Retention

One thing is for certain for any commercial launderer: you need people to keep operations running. While this may be a simple idea, the problem at hand is employee retention, something the laundry industry can improve upon. Laundry owners/managers should invest in how to reduce turnover and keep employees encouraged and inspired.

The main issues that most laundry managers are concerned with when dealing with employee turnover are salary and benefits. These things aren’t necessarily in their control, but still cause problems. In reality, there are other issues that face the commercial laundry business in terms of turnover and employee satisfaction.


Some employees may see the industry they’re in as one with little to no opportunity for growth. It’s important to give your employees expectations of what they need to accomplish on a daily basis within the confines of their respective positions, but it is  also important to not be restrictive in terms of their ceiling as employees.

There should always be opportunities for employees at a commercial launderer to grow and learn more in order to open up chances for them to become manager, shift leaders, or even just take on more responsibilities. Stifling their growth gives them nothing to work toward in the long run.


The overall environment inside a commercial launderer should be one of hard work and encouragement. Since the work can be grueling at times, it’s important to be encouraging and champion your employees to put their best foot forward every day. However, they cannot do this or feel inclined to do this, if there’s no inspiration or leadership from the top down. Make sure to instill an environment of inspiration, letting your employees know you’re engaged in their overall job well-being.


Just like the note on overall opportunity, if your employees have nothing to work toward, then they won’t feel inspired to be challenged. This is where employees begin to fall off or look for new jobs while continuing their work at your business. You need to have employees not only stay onboard but also have them actually want to come in every day and feel motivated and supported.

Offering up opportunities where your employees can learn new job skills and take on new responsibilities over time will give them something to work toward, naturally installing a long-term outlook for them. This will help them think of how they can challenge themselves over time and put down some roots in your business. The goal for a business owner is to actually have employees on hand to get the tasks done that need to be done in order to stay in operation. Ultimately a commercial launderer business owner needs to offer up opportunities where employees can continue to learn and grow within their roles instead of just putting in the hours.

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