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How Can Dry Cleaners Prepare for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is underway along southeastern coastlines in the United States. Small businesses need to be prepared to handle the possible damages that come with it. From physically protecting your business to financially protecting it with the right preparedness plan and dry cleaners insurance program, dry cleaners can can be fully prepared this season.

By taking initiative to plan ahead, businesses can minimize risk, damages, and financial fallout. Disaster preparedness is essential to securing the future of any dry cleaners’ business. Besides staying informed and alert about weather updates and warnings, the following steps can help you prepare:

Emergency Response Plan

Set up an Emergency Response Plan and train employees on how to carry it out. Make sure your employees know who the Plan Liaison is and who to notify if there is a weather related event, as well as understanding what measures to take to ensure safety and limit damages. It’s also important to be familiar with the warning terms used for hurricanes, as well as your local area’s emergency plans, warning signals, and shelters.

An effective plan should have people in charge of different areas of responsibility. Someone to track weather sources and updates, another to work with local shelter, and someone to direct personnel in the event of an evacuation, for instance.

Set a Communications Strategy

After storms have passed, it’s important to be in touch with your customer base. While getting their dry cleaning done may not be a top priority it is important to keep communication open and regular. Decide on a Communication Strategy in order to prevent the loss of customers by posting notices on your premises as well as  on social media. This will help to keep everyone informed, especially those who currently have items held at your location(s).

Get a Contact List Going

Compile a list of important contacts for before, during, and after a storm. Make sure you can get in touch with key people following a disaster; such as local and state emergency management agencies, major clients, contractors, suppliers, realtors, banks and financial institutions, insurance agents, and insurance companies.

Backup Your Data and Information

Make sure to back up computerized data files regularly and keep them safe somewhere off site. You can keep important documents in a safe deposit box and backed up date on flash drives as well as on the Cloud.   Having a number of safety layers in order will help to keep your data protected.

Protect Your Building

This is where a solid insurance plan comes into place to protect against building disasters and damages to the physical structure. If you own the building your business is in, you can integrate disaster protection for the building as well as the contents, such as customer goods. Think of the negative financial impact you would have if your business shuts down from a storm.

Stay informed of basic tips that can help protect you in the event of a hurricane. From valuable physical assets to overall financial well-being, being prepared is your first line of defense against major losses down the road.

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