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How Can Dry Cleaners be More Charitable and What Are the Benefits?

How Can Dry Cleaners be More Charitable and what are the BenefitsHow Can Dry Cleaners be More Charitable and What Are the Benefits?

In 2010, a dry cleaning company located in Buffalo called Urban Valet Dry Cleaners saw the need for a coat check service at the Buffalo Home and Garden Show. This was the first year that the company chose a charity, Journey’s End Refugee Services, as a recipient of all the gratuities received from this service. Not only have they been providing on-going support and commitment to this particular charity, they are setting an example of how all business and dry cleaners should contribute to the community. Aside from being just a good thing to do, however, what are the tangible benefits of being charitable?

First off, it’s important that dry cleaners be motivated to host or sponsor charity events for the right reasons. Understanding this can help dry cleaners to approach charities about partnerships or sponsorships in the right way. However, it’s important that dry cleaners benefit from these events. Small businesses such as dry cleaners have seen the following advantages of participating in charitable events.

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Brand differentiation
  • Improvement in brand reputation
  • Driving traffic and sales
  • Building new and deeper community networks in order to better advertise their services.
  • Enhancing company’s credibility

Partnering with charities and hosting fundraising events is great for gaining and retaining customers, but that’s not the only advantage. In addition, having dry cleaner staff participate in these types of events can bring a sense of community morale to the workplace, and help dry cleaners with recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees, in addition to fostering talent and teaching new skills to employees.

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