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The New Normal After COVID 19

New Normal After COVID 19

The vaccines are rolling out, business owners are eager to get back to normal and the way things were before COVID 19.  I think we can all agree, we may never return to pre-COVID operations, so adjustments to business operations must be considered.  We are looking at the New Normal after COVID 19. We will need to continue to be careful as there is a continued risk of infection as people get back to work, school, and more.

It’s important to continue the practices we began in March and April of 2020.

  • Social and physical distancing – Stay at least 6 feet away from anyone not living in your household.
  • Wash our Hands – Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds often, throughout the day.  Use Hand sanitizer when handwashing isn’t an option.
  • Wear a Face Mask – this will help to protect others from illness if you are carrying the virus and don’t know it.

If you think may be Infected

  • Stay home and Call a Health Care Provider
  • Be prepared to answer their questions, such as “Have you been in close contact with someone with COVID; Do you have a cough, fever, or chills; Have you been told by a public health officer you were potentially exposed to COVID-19”?

Follow Your Health Care Provider’s Direction

Based on your answers to these questions, the care provider will provide instructions over the phone. You will be told if you need to be evaluated, and if so, what to do next. Based on your risk for COVID-19, your health care provider may recommend that you:

  • Continue to monitor your health and call back if you develop a fever or respiratory symptoms.
  • Stay home and await further instructions.
  • Report to a designated medical care facility for evaluation and treatment. It’s best to go alone to your appointment. Do not bring children or other family members unless you need assistance.
  • Go to a clinic or emergency department if you have more severe symptoms, such as higher fever and severe shortness of breath.

Most Importantly – Stay Calm

The possibility of having a contagious illness is scary, but doctors, nurses and other caregivers are learning more about COVID-19 every day. They are working together with national and international agencies to identify and provide care to patients while avoiding spread of the illness in the community.

Look for ways to relieve your stress and anxiety

For more Information on COVID 19 and your business, check our Resource Page.