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The Future of Drop Stores Redefined

The image and perception of the commonplace drycleaner business is getting a facelift. With some modern renovations and a more updated business model, new drop stores are popping up around the country in order to gauge customer interest and profits. As we take a closer look at how updated models ares redefining the laundromat industry, ensure your operation is secured with a customized FabriCare Insurance Program.

“Drycleaning plants will take on a new role, primarily servicing smaller outlets on a wholesale basis, drastically reducing environmental problems. Less plants servicing the right number of outlets will increase their volume and profitability. Plants would be located away from residential areas but still able to provide quality and same-day service to the local outlets,” says Bob Devaney, president and CEO of All Things Drycleaning.

These locally-run drop stores are being placed in convenient locations with chic interior designs in order to boost the perception of such dry cleaners. As all of the services are performed off-site, environmental issues are no longer concerns in the neighborhoods they reside in. Further, add-on services such as tuxedo rentals, care products and travel accessories can be sold in these pop-up drop stores to boost revenues.

Once someone wishes to reinvent an existing store or create a new drop store, the process is a thorough one. As American Dry Cleaner explains, Devaney identifies locations he deems great using sophisticated analysis. His company will then “build out their stores with state-of-the-art equipment including custom counters, flooring, SPOT POS computers, conveyors, supplies, signage and more.” In addition, he will seek out wholesale vendors in their area in order to guarantee quality service.

The existing business plan means less overhead and logistical costs for the retailer, the wholesaler, and the customer, which leaves more margins for profit. Plus, this new reinvention aims at improving the reputation of drycleaners. While these drop stores are continuing the thrive, it is the goal to expand this business model to drycleaners all over the nation.

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