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Foolproof Tips to Make a Good Impression & Conduct Meetings

As the owner of a laundry business, you’re going to have to be the face of your brand. Whether you’re interacting with customers or sitting down to a meeting with your landlord to negotiate your tenancy, making a good impression is the first step for success. When it comes to negotiating important business deals, you’ll likely only get one chance. Heed this advice to make a great impression and ensure the meeting goes smoothly, and be sure to secure your operation from front to back by reviewing your FabriCare Advantage Insurance program.

Make a case for yourself and your business.

If you’re trying to secure a lease in a new location, come prepared. Cite your business history, your credit rating, your recent success, your community involvement, the firm’s value to area retailers. For instance, point out that, as a dry cleaner, you provide a most-needed service to all residents in the marketing area, recommends American Dry Cleaner.

Take turns.

Just as important as proving your value is listening to what the landlord has to say. Take turns speaking to keep the meeting cordial and pleasant. It’s also wise to bring a lawyer with you to review the terms of the lease and ensure there aren’t any surprises or clauses that could affect your income or monthly payment.

Take your time.

It can be daunting to negotiate with a landlord, but show him or her that you’re in no rush to make any rash decisions and that your plan is well thought out. If you don’t intend to go over a certain dollar amount, for example, don’t hesitate to pause the conversation and really think about your final offer or decision.

Sleep on it.

If you can’t come to an agreement, take some time to think about the meeting overnight. The delay might get the landlord to “up” the offer. It also gives you time to think up some other combination — rental price, length of lease, terms of lease, remodeling arrangement — that can be adjusted to craft an agreement. Come back the next day with that counteroffer, explains the article.

This also shows the landlord that you are not desperate to make a deal, and that you won’t compromise on your terms. Meeting with your landlord might only happen once every few years, but the decision you agree to will affect your business’ bottom line for years to come.


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