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How to Stay Safe in the Fabricare Industry

How to Stay Safe in the Fabricare Industry

When it comes to the Drycleaning and Laundromat industries, there are many inherent risks for staff members. While it’s imperative to have the appropriate Drycleaners Workers Compensation Insurance policy in place to protect the drycleaning facility financially from these types of claims, it’s also important to do everything you can as a drycleaner owner to ensure the safety of your staff so that injuries don’t happen to begin with.

Eliminating hazards as best as possible is of course the first step to ensuring a safe workplace, however the most common cause of injury is typically untrained employees. Drycleaner owners should always check their plant & equipment on a regular basis to ensure safe operating conditions, but they should also ensure that all new employees are thoroughly familiar with how to operate this equipment to potentially avoid accidents due to negligence.

Burn injuries are among the most common accidents within the Fabricare industry. In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of shirt pressing units, and therefore also an increase in burn injury insurance claims. Another cause of burns is uncovered pipes, which are particularly hazardous in busy, crowded plant.

Improper training and burn hazards are not the only workers compensation risks that exist in a drycleaning facility. Other safety threats that all Fabricare employers should look for include:

  • Belts, pulleys, and driving equipment that is not properly enclosed.
  • All electrical beaker switches should be off before making repairs or performing maintenance on equipment.
  • All fans within reach of hands should be covered with wire mesh.
  • “No Smoking” signs, fire extinguishers, and fire exit signs, walkways and exits should all be clearly visible and kept free of debris, electrical cords and spills, which should be cleaned immediately; good lighting should be maintained everywhere, including stairways.
  • Protective equipment should always be worn and used, and good ventilation practices should always be implemented.
  • Flammable liquids must be stored only in approved containers.
  • Any low hanging overhead objects or other necessary obstructions should be clearly marked and padded.

These are just a few of the important safety tips that drycleaner managers should follow. It’s also imperative that first aid kits be readily available and that managers have a plan as to what procedures to follow if an accident should occur. Injuries and accidents are not only insurance risks for drycleaners, they also cause undue pain and suffering to the injured worker as well as loss of time and productivity for the Fabricare business.

Preventing accidents will save a drycleaner money by reducing their Drycleaning Workers’ Compensation premiums..  To learn more about the Workers’ Compensation policies available through our FabriCare Advantage program, please contact Irving Weber Associates, Inc. (IWA) today!