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Is Your Drycleaning Business OSHA and EPA Compliant?

Is Your Drycleaning Business OSHA and EPA CompliantIs Your Drycleaning Business OSHA and EPA Compliant?

As noted by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, drycleaning personnel work hard to provide the very best customer service and high-quality care that they can, all while staying in line with the consistently changing rules and regulations set forth by OSHA and the EPA. These two government agencies often find or create new developments, and it’s imperative drycleaning staff keep up with the changes.

Henry Parker, President of Safety & Environmental Compliance Consultants, recognizes the importance of being proactive, should a drycleaner face an OSHA audit. He says that the best way to pass this audit is to provide the required information to auditors before they have a need to come into your business.

Parker advises his clients to direct auditors to the areas they want to see, but only after the drycleaning facility owners or managers have proven to them that a Hazard Assessment has already been done. This assessment must indicate that the drycleaning business has classified any hazards present, and they have trained their employees in the required Hazard Communication programs.

In keeping compliant with the EPA, it’s important that drycleaners follow proper protocol when dealing with the solvents used in the drycleaning process. The EPA’s Clean Air Act requires them to regulate air toxins, such as Perc, from large industrial facilities, drycleaners being on top of the list.

It’s imperative that drycleaning businesses stay informed of the risks that they face, both from OSHA and the EPA. Staying informed and providing appropriate employee training could be the difference between winning or losing a lawsuit against a former or current disgruntled employee.

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