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The Role of Employee Productivity in the Drycleaning Industry

No matter what the industry, employee motivation and productivity hinges on one very important factor; support from management. An article recently published in Forbes Magazine highlighted this fact with some helpful pointers on how to improve productivity in the workplace. In our last blog post, we discussed how important improving employee productivity is to balancing higher wages with steady profits. From providing meaningful feedback to respecting employees as individuals, the following tips can help drycleaning managers motivate and empower their staff.

Provide Support for Employees When Needed

Have your employees voiced concerns about outdated or malfunctioning equipment? Not only does maintaining your drycleaning equipment reduce your risks of loss, but listening to your employees’ concerns and taking action to improve problem areas shows your staff that you care and their voice has been heard.

Don’t Just Tell; Show

Leaders in any industry are constantly being watched and even judged by their staff. Micromanaging or consistently providing negative feedback without setting a positive example can quickly demoralize even the best employee. From customer service to caring for textiles, it is often better to lead by example rather than just telling a worker how to do their job without providing appropriate guidance.

Reward Employees

The average drycleaning facility does not have an abundance of resources to offer much by way of monetary rewards for their staff, but even small tokens of appreciation make a huge difference. Did your employees meet their weekly or monthly sales goal? Order a pizza for the team. Though dryclenaing is a fast-paced industry, it’s still possible and often necessary to take a little break from business and time for fun.

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. we understand the role that employee motivation and productivity plays in this. From retaining great employees to investing in a comprehensive FabriCare Insurance Program to ensure that you are financially protected against legal claims, we know what it takes to run a successful Dry Cleaner business. For more information regarding our products and services, please contact us today at 855.764.7406.