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Summer Sales Results Reveal Top Drycleaning Challenges

Summer has been promising for the drycleaning industry; each region in the U.S. reported that they gained better drycleaning sales in June alone compared to same month one year earlier. This is according to the results of July’s American Drycleaner StatShot survey. The survey revealed that Southern drycleaners saw the biggest gain in sales, with their numbers going up an average of 6.7% in the region. Western and Midwestern cleaners saw average gains of 4.9% and 4.6% respectively, and cleaners in the Northeast saw their June sales go up an average of 3.0% throughout the region compared to the previous year.

Despite the positive sales results, it’s important to note that there is a trend nationwide when it comes to the challenges drycleaners face when achieving these successful numbers. For many drycleaners, dealing with personnel and related issues were a top challenge this summer. The StatShot survey also noted the following responses to top drycleaner challenges:

  • Northeast cleaners cited finding enough people to staff their facilities as a leading challenge.
  • Drycleaners in the Midwest were forced to limit their advertising budgets until they could get fully staffed and trained.
  • One particular cleaner in the South said that poor work ethic was a problem, referring in particular to a worker that was out three days their first month on the job and another new hire needing time off because of family problems.

So overall, it appears as though staffing is the leading concern and challenge for drycleaners throughout the country. These are not the only challenges, however, that drycleaners must be aware of moving forward. A recently updated report published by Ad-ology unveiled the top three predicted opportunities/challenges for the industry over the next year:

  • Drycleaners will be forced to diversify their offerings to include other, less costly services due to the high rate of unemployment.
  • As consumers become more aware of “green” products and services, drycleaners are faced with the challenge of offering environmentally-friendly services and using natural cleaning products.
  • There’s been a negative effect on drycleaning business as many companies shift to more casual dress codes in the workplace; negating drycleaning use.

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