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Recent Survey Spotlights Biggest Risks for Drycleaners

Each month, American Drycleaner: Your Views releases a relatable survey to show drycleaners current trends in the industry. This month, survey respondents revealed what are considered the top threats to drycleaning businesses today; property crime and robbery. While this revelation continues to stress the need for the appropriate Drycleaner Insurance Policy, being aware of common threats could also help drycleaners to potentially reduce their own risks.

In this month’s survey, 40 percent of the respondents stated that their business has been victimized by crime in the past. Of those occurrences, 62.1% were “property crimes such as burglary or vandalism,” and 58.6% were an “in-person robbery of cash or merchandise.” While a small percentage of respondents said that their crimes involved “physical assault or serious violent crime” against an employee or a “fraud or confidence game that cheated the business,” crime and robbery led the way in most popular incidences.

How can drycleaners fight against crime in their business? Alarm systems and video cameras are the most commonly used deterrents, and weapons* are sometimes even a method of crime protection in the communities that allow them. 21.7% of the survey’s respondents said they don’t have crime deterrent; not even such as a prime location (near a police station) or large windows with high visibility from the street. Also, of course, it’s vital to be financially protected against these crimes with the right type of Drycleaners Insurance.

* Check with your insurance company and ensure they are aware of the presence of weapons, should you choose to utilize this method of protection. Many insurance companies will not offer coverage if weapons are on their insured’s premises.

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