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Drycleaner Tips: Winter Clothing Considerations

Winter is a lucrative time for many drycleaners; it’s this time of year that consumers bring in their sweaters, jackets, parkas and other outerwear. While this is a promising sign for the industry, it’s important to share your clothing and textile knowledge, within reason, with your consumer so that they can best maintain their clothing this season.  In addition to reducing Drycleaner Insurance Risks, sharing your advice and tips could help your business to gain a good reputation and ideally lead to an increase in loyal customers, and an increase in sales.  Consider distributing the following tips to your consumers both in your store and through your online and offline marketing efforts.


  • Should a customer choose to wash their own cashmere clothing, they should be advised to never hold up a wet cashmere sweater by its shoulders, as this will stretch it out. It’s best to pick it up in a lump.
  • Cashmere should always be clean before storing, as moths tend to be attracted to everyday scents like perfume, food, deodorant, and smoke.
  • Whether or not a consumer chooses to dryclean their coat, if their coat is made from wool they should treat it with a lint brush or suede brush after each wear to remove surface soil and lint.
  • Wool coats should be dry cleaned at the beginning and end of each winter season.
  • Light stains can be removed by blotting (but not rubbing) delicate outerwear fabrics.
  • Washing and drying a down coat could be detrimental to the durability of the fabric, as high heat could cause unnecessary wear and tear to down-filled clothing.


  • When customers do get their cashmere drycleaned, they should remove it from the drycleaner bag when they get home and store it in a cedar-scented bag instead.
  • Wool coats should never be crowded into a closet. “Breathing” helps the material stay crisp.
  • For velvet clothing, gently stuff items with tissue paper and lay flat inside garment boxes as folding velvet could result in unwanted lines throughout the fabric.

The above are just a few of the winter clothing tips you can share with your customers and potential customers.  At Irving Weber Associates, we understand what it takes to run a successful drycleaning business, including the risks of legal claims that exist. We offer laundry insurance programs, such as the FabriCare program and more, to ensure that you are financially protected the best way possible, so that your business can continue to thrive. Please contact us today to learn more at (855) 764-7406.