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Dry Cleaning Liability: Most Common Stain Removal Errors

Dry Cleaning Liability: Most Common Stain Removal Errors

In the dry cleaning business, there are many risks your clients face. They must consider the financial dangers they face due to where they are located weather wise, what would happen if their facility was broken into, or even what would happen if their computers were hacked and they lost customer information. These are all factors that need different types of insurance coverages. In addition to these concerns, they must be aware of the liabilities they face dealing with customers’ garments.

There are several ways a customer’s garment can be stained, and there are perhaps just as many ways that a drycleaner can accidently ruin a garment by not addressing the stain properly. For example, one of the most common stain removal errors dry cleaners make is using a dirty stain removal board. Wiping down this board before the next garment is set upon it should be an integral part of the stain removal process.

Other stain removal methods may result in failure due to the steam gun; either it is held too close to the fabric being treated or it’s held at the wrong angle. Experts say that a steam gun should always be held at a right angle to the fabric, as this angel will allow the force of the steam to hold the fabric on the board and flush the stain and stain removal solvents through the fabric.

If the steam is too wet or too dry, this can also cause a stain removal error. Steam and water content needs to be carefully controlled at the board. In addition to this, dry cleaners need to use specific brushes for specific parts of the stain removal process, and should always include a towel for the stain to be absorbed into.

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