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How is the Dry Cleaning Industry Evolving?

How is the Dry Cleaning Industry Evolving?

In recent years, the dry cleaning industry has seen many changes and advancements to help improve processes and boost business. For example, when the use of perchloroethylene was first implemented in the 30s it was not regulated, and was widely used for its relative stability as well as its gentleness. Although still considered one of the best cleaning solvents, in later years, it was discovered to be a product that was not environmentally friendly, and has now been regulated. Many textile cleaners have sought out and adopted newer methods of textile cleaning as a result.

One of the ways that the dry cleaning industry has evolved is that many facilities are using washers and dryers that have been computerized and have eliminated the potential concerns caused by perc and other solvents. While dry cleaners who wish to utilize this technology will have to purchase specialized finishing equipment and detergents that don’t include perc, this technology goes a long way in enabling dry cleaners to be able to use high-tech detergents, degreasers, conditioners and other wet cleaning methods without causing shrinking clothes or leeching colors.

Another relatively new textile cleaning method that has been implemented by many in the dry cleaning industry is carbon dioxide cleaning. This method works by pressurizing carbon dioxide into liquid and then injecting the carbon dioxide with special detergent. This method is not necessarily the best for heavily soiled clothes, however many dry cleaners prefer this method because of the look and feel of the clothes that come out. The carbon dioxide method is non-toxic, and dry cleaners that use this method run it on a closed system so that release into the atmosphere is prevented.

Computerized cleaning processes and carbon dioxide cleaning are just a couple of the technological advances that the dry cleaning industry has seen. At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. (IWA), we understand that technological advancements and changes within the dry cleaning industry can bring new risks for dry cleaners. This is why we offer our comprehensive FabriCare Advantage Program, which includes the availability of Property Insurance, Bailee, Boiler & Machinery Insurance, Pollution Liability and various other coverages. Please Contact Us today to learn more.