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Dry Cleaners: What Makes the Right Location for Your Business?

Like any business, location should be near the top of the list of importance. The old adage of “location, location, location” still rings true as it makes a big difference in terms of visibility and, in turn, bringing in business. Entrepreneur talks about how location can make or break a business looking to attract clients and retain customers, and dry cleaning businesses need to have a clear picture as to what they want to achieve relative to where they are located. A poor location can lead to poor business, leaving dry cleaning owners struggling to pay for a lease at a location that’s only hurting them.

Even if your dry cleaning business has everything needed to offer great service and turn a profit, location can still play a significant role in hurting overall growth and sales. You’re investing in dry cleaners insurance, you’re bringing in the latest technology and services, you’re hiring a great staff–now what? Now it’s time to find the right location. Let’s look at why it’s important.

Finding the Ideal Location

Understanding your demographics and services will play a role in finding the right location. Determine who you are targeting and how you can service them to the best of your ability. This will help to trim the fat and help you focus on who you’re trying to connect with. Knowing this will help to determine the neighborhoods to consider in setting up shop and help determine the brand you are looking to promote.

Next, after you have the demographics down, it’s important to note convenience as a key to customer choice. Most dry cleaning customers like to stay within a certain mile limit of their home when choosing a location to go to. They like to drop their items off and pick them up when driving to and from their home. Looking to be in a more affluent neighborhood? Looking for a typically busy part of town? Check the U.S. Census Bureau, which provides great information on income by zip code. This will help you in your search and narrowing down options.

The next thing to consider is available space and overall affordability. Yes, the upside of setting up shop in a more influential neighborhood is that you could make money hand over fist once you get going, but you need to be able to afford a space first. Be sure to go over all available options before clinging to the first space that opens up in the hip or busy part of town. It’s important to weigh your options and go over funding from the start so you don’t find yourself with a steep lease payment while running the risk of not bringing in business.

Finally, pick a location where you can be seen easily. Being tucked away will probably not get you anywhere, and being known as a hidden gem may sound great, but it really means just that: you’re hidden. Find a location with great exposure to the street and neighborhood it’s in. You not only want to be seen, you want to be accessible. Some customers see dropping things off at the dry cleaner as a hurdle in their day, and you wouldn’t want to make it worse by putting more inconveniences in their way.

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