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Dry Cleaner Workers Compensation: Understanding Health Risks

Dry Cleaner Workers Compensation: Understanding Health Risks

As employees in the drycleaning business, your clients’ staff faces many health risks. The two largest potential sources of contamination and illness in the dry cleaning industry comes from air emissions, such as the release of perc vapors into the atmosphere and the venting of the dryer exhaust system. The concentrations of perc in the outside air is even of concern to neighbors of the dry cleaners. This potential hazard is covered by Drycleaner Pollution Liability Insurance, however is still a health risk employees face.

While your clients can protect themselves financially from a dry cleaner workers compensation claim, they should also be aware of and understand the health risks involved in their business to potentially avoid any issues. Employee safety should be a top priority.

In addition to air emissions, dry cleaning facilities typically generate hazardous wastes in the form of cooked powder residues, still bottom residues, spent cartridges, and button/lint trap wastes, all considered highly hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The third toxic source found at dry cleaners is the wastewater, called separator water. Separator water can be disposed of as a hazardous waste, or treated in a mister or an evaporator.

In order to protect themselves from these hazards, dry cleaning employees need training on the hazards of drycleaning solvents, and how to perform proper work practices for all of their expected tasks- operating and maintaining machines, spotting, waterproofing, housekeeping, and perc transfer and storage. Workers should also become familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and all container labels used by the business. Lastly, workers should be familiar with the location and proper use of eyewash stations as well as procedures for responding to first aid emergencies.

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