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Dry Cleaner Route Services: The Secret to Success

The road to success for dry cleaners is a long and potentially complicated route at times. Many dry cleaners today have chosen to venture into route services to expand their business, gain new customers, and create a competitive edge in the industry. Taking this action could be a lucrative decision; however before making the leap, it’s important to ensure your facility is protected with the right Dry Cleaner Business Auto Insurance policy.

Dry cleaner route services offer you an alternative to expanding into new locations. This is ideal if your facility does not have the financial means to expand. Once you’ve decided to go this route and your insurance options are squared away, it’s time to look at how to market your new services. Some business owners choose to do this with a sales blitz, or “an organized effort by the business to focus its entire sales force on a specific task in one specific territory.” Other business owners, however, may be able to focus on organic growth based on the credibility they’ve already built in their community.

Dry cleaners must also decide if they want to target homes or businesses; while business routes can be highly profitable just like residential routes, businesses may require a more complex professional sales approach. According the American Drycleaner, evidence has shown that residential routes tend to be more stable once they’ve been established.

Cross-selling is another ideal way to market your route services. Use your existing customer database to shoot out promotional emails, texts, and/or newsletters. Get the word out about your route and encourage your customers to share with their friends and neighbors on social media. Word-of-mouth is still a very viable marketing method!

These are just a few of the ways to be successful with dry cleaner route services. At Irving Weber Associates, we understand how important growing your business is to your overall success. We offer laundry insurance programs such as the FabriCare Advantage  program and more, to ensure that you are financially protected the best way possible, so that your business can continue to thrive. Please contact us today to learn more at (855) 764-7406.