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How to Convert Online Visitors into Dry Cleaner Customers

How to Convert Online Visitors into Dry Cleaner Customers

According to computer user experience consulting firm Nielsen Norman Group, website visitors typically only visit a website for 10-20 seconds before leaving. So the first question many dry cleaner owners have is, “How do I keep users on my site?” The next question is, “How do I convert online visitors into dry cleaner customers?”

Many companies nowadays, across all business sectors, miss the point of building a website. Yes, of course a website should be used to increase brand awareness, especially since the majority of American consumers are online and mobile. However, building an effective website is so much more than just creating awareness; an efficient website will entice the customer to buy.

So how can dry cleaner owners build a website that does just that? First off, they must create a clear and obvious Call-To-Action (CTA). What is the customer supposed to do once on your website? Options can include:

  • Downloading a coupon
  • Calling a phone number
  • Ordering a product
  • Joining an email list
  • Getting directions to the dry cleaning facility

It’s also important to keep in mind that links tend to get lost with the rest of the website; rather than putting a link here or there, dry cleaner websites should include a fillable form that achieves the objective of the CTA.

Other methods that many successful online businesses employ to convert customers include using testimonials to gain trust in the brand, and promoting free subscriptions to a business newsletter. For a dry cleaner, newsletters could include industry news, cleaning tips, fabric information, etc. If customers feel that the business is well educated, and willing to openly share that education with their customers, they will be more likely to trust the brand and come use that dry cleaner’s services.

These are just some of the ways that a dry cleaner can build a successful website that converts visitors into customers. At Irving Weber Associates (IWA), we understand the challenges and risks that come with running a dry cleaning business. Through our FabriCare Advantage Program, we insure the needs of Dry Cleaners, Commercial Launderers, Linen Supply and Uniform Rental Businesses. Please Contact Us today to learn more about our products and services.