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Does Better Branding Help Drycleaners Thrive?

According to the results of this month’s American Drycleaner StatShot survey, drycleaning sales have bloomed across the country as of March. Drycleaners in the Northeast saw the biggest gains; 6.9% on average when compared to sales from March 2014. While positive results were seen nationwide, the South experienced the smallest increase; just a 0.3% gain over last year’s sales at the same time. So what is it that is helping these cleaners in the Northeast to thrive?

CEO of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute Mary Scalco and executive director of the National Cleaners Association Nora Nealis recently collaborated on an educational seminar, in which they discussed this topic. Scalco stressed the importance of changing the way you look at things, suggesting drycleaners look at their business through their customer’s eyes.

Customers, the pair says, want to see an uncluttered environment, and want to be greeted by exceptional counter service representatives. In addition to a clean and friendly appearance, drycleaners have got to brand themselves the right way through marketing. Scalco shared this statistic: one in every eight people use Facebook and 58% communicate with others more often online than in person. This means that you need to be where your customers are; online.

There are four ways, according to Nealis, for your drycleaning business to make more money; by increasing the number of new customers, increasing customer spending per transaction, increasing frequency of customer use, or increasing customer retention. Each of these can be achieved by appropriate branding and engagement. In the business world, appearance is everything.

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