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Dispensing Systems Can Improve the Way You Run Your Laundry Operation

Coin-operated laundry locations use copious amounts of chemicals, water, energy and labor in order to get the job done right. Cleaning linen for customers at laundromats and guests at hotels and resorts takes effort to maintain productivity and avoid mishaps that could derail services. To avoid these mistakes it’s essential for these operations to have reliable dispensing systems in place.

The laundry process can benefit from having these dispensers up and running as well as having laundry insurance in place, which protects the business owner. Laundry managers should understand their effectiveness in perfecting the laundry process as well. While these systems do cost more upfront, the overall savings garnered over time will far outweigh the cost. Here’s a better look at how dispensing systems can improve laundry operations.

Locating the Right Dispenser

Laundry managers should be looking for dispensers with the right combination of features that come together to produce reliable and quality work. Dispensers should have the capability and flexibility for any given laundry scenario that may arise. Also, consistency in their quality and effectiveness should be factored in as well as maintenance and installation.

Capacity and Flexibility

Laundromats and larger laundry services servicing hotels and resorts are not all the same. A variety of chemicals is used and dispensers must be able to handle various sizes and types of washer extractors. Some units will use less chemicals, such a smaller units, and cut down on detergent, softener, and bleach. Larger units, such as those in hotels, often see a variety of linens. Dispensers should accommodate multiple chemicals and handle up to 20 formulas.

Intel Features

Laundry units are getting smarter with today’s smart technology. Dispensers with smart features such as data-collecting sensors, reporting capabilities, and remote access can provide better insight for laundry managers. Sensors, for instance, allow managers to keep an eye on load weight and chemistry flow.  In turn, this helps to reduce errors and improve overall productivity. What’s more, laundry managers can run reports to see overall efficiency rates and what areas of production can be made better.

Laundry facilities should be able to focus in on finding the right balance for their chemical, water, energy and labor outputs with running a profitable laundry operation. By using chemical dispensers with guaranteed performance and modern features, the overall process will be simplified, streamlined and more productive.

Laundry managers can find peace of mind with dispensers that provide great transparency and reduced maintenance. Chemical dispensers can drive down costs and boost overall effectiveness in quality and production.

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