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Customers Struggling With Dustmites? Share This With Your Clients

Two studies conducted in Germany and England by Hohenstein Institute, an accredited laboratory and testing facility of textiles, has concluded that neurodermatitis can be avoided by preventing dust mites from coming into contact with the skin. Dust mites are commonly found in many textiles and can cause skin irritation and itching because of the excrement left behind. Unbecoming in the very least, your clients likely have customers who suffer from this skin condition. As we explore how this affects your clients, share this newfound information with them and protect their operation with a customized FabriCare Insurance Program.

Professor Dirk Höfer explains to American Dry Cleaner, “These are two very important studies because they show a link for the first time — that one and the same allergen can irritate both the respiratory tracts and the skin. They also show that suitable textiles could alleviate the symptoms of neurodermatitis.”

Textiles can be awarded with the “Effective against dust mites” label if it is tested and proven to follow the standard NF G39-011. If your clients have customers who suffer from this condition, it’s beneficial to let them know what to look for to prevent skin irritants and buy certain accommodating textiles.

The institute also recommends using this information for textile marketing. If certain types of clothing or bedding are known for keeping dust mite excrement at bay, this fact can be advertised and certified with their “House dust and dust bite barrier” label on their packaging.

In addition, the “anti-dust mite effectiveness” test shows whether an item that has been treated actually inhibits the growth of house dust mites or even destroys them, explains the article.

Both of these tests can not only help the company who produces these textiles, but it can also be used to improve the relationship between your clients and their customers.

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