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Customer Education: Why it’s Important, and How to Do It

Laundromat Customer Service Tips

Like any industry, the laundry industry would benefit if its customers knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to their linens and laundry. While this idea would benefit every business in the service world, it’s just not possible. However, being able to give out knowledge to customers and enlighten them when it comes to things like quality, linen abuse, costs and more can help everyone involved when it comes to customer service and expectations.

The Importance of Education and Customer Service

Education for the customer is an important part of genuine customer service. It can be beneficial to address the concerns that the customer has, including issues with quality, quantity or usage. It’s also beneficial for the laundry business to address issues with linen abuse, loss, costs, or mechanical problems.

It also helps to educate customers when it comes to a launderer’s operations and the laundry industry as a whole. The more the customers are informed, the better they can be to serve because they’ll have a better understanding of what’s being provided and how it works.

Benefits of Educating the Customer

A major benefit to educating customers is addressing the complaints that come through when it comes to quality. Commercial launderers should be open to showing customers how their laundry is being taken care of and serviced. This will help bring context to their complaints and open up the door to more transparency.

It should be noted that dry cleaning and laundry services may not be entirely safe for any customer to come back and see what’s being done. So it’s important to have safety protocols in place as well as commercial laundry insurance to protect from claims like injury or even mechanical problems.

How to Educate the Customer

There are a number of ways in which a commercial laundry business can bring education to the forefront and make it readily available. From newsletters to emails, whitepapers to awareness days around linen and laundry, launderers can promote education in a comprehensive way.

Also, launderers can make some of their statistics available to the public and post them online or in print for anyone to access. This could be anything from total pounds cleaned to industry news or addressing customer service needs. Adding transparency and accessibility can go a long way with customers.

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