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Controlling Loss Due to Clothing Damage

Controlling Drycleaners Insurance Loss Due to Clothing DamageAccording to law reference website, legal disputes that involve damage to clothing are extremely common in small claims court. Dry Cleaners Insurance can keep you protected, however, the best line of defense is preventing damage to clothing before it happens.

In most cases, the cost of a clothing loss would not be detrimental to a dry cleaning facility, however, losses may add up, especially if the dry cleaning customer has brought in an expensive item such as a tuxedo or a wedding dress.

Of course, it would be great if clothing loss could be avoided all together, and if the loss would never lead to a Drycleaners Insurance claim. However, accidents do occur. It is best practices for a dry cleaning facility to be prepared; not only by obtaining a Drycleaners Insurance policy, but also by knowing what type of damage could occur when dealing with certain fabrics or items of clothing.

For example, sometimes the fabric weave or seams of a garment may come apart, creating unusual fabric puckering or yarn separation in certain areas. This type of damage is caused by every day wear-and-tear, however it may be exacerbated even further by the dry cleaning process. Drycleaners have no way of knowing prior to cleaning if this damage will occur, but may still face a legal claim from a customer if this happens.

Unfortunately, once this type of damage occurs, the yarns can’t be moved back to their original position, and therefore restoration of the clothing is impossible, resulting in a loss. So what can a dry cleaning professional do? Aside from purchasing a Drycleaners Insurance policy to financially protect themselves should they face a claim of this kind, they could also educate their customers.

Fabric puckering tends to occur more readily on satin weaves or on sheer, loosely woven fabrics, such as organza and chiffon. If the clothing label shows that this fabric is present in a high-end item, warning the customer beforehand that slight fabric puckering may occur could give them the option to either skip dry cleaning that item, or at least know beforehand that damage might occur.

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. (IWA), we offer the FabriCare Advantage insurance program, which provides coverage for a broad range of operations, from mom-and-pop drycleaners to large uniform rental accounts. In addition to policies such as General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, etc., IWA features important customized coverages, such as protecting customer goods on an unlimited basis. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 764-7406.