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Common Onsite Risks for Dry Cleaning Businesses

Every job, no matter the industry or position, comes with its own unique set of risks and safety concerns. From slips and falls at a grocery store to keeping your head safe from falling debris or swinging metal at a construction job site, every professional faces their own liabilities on a daily basis. For professionals in the dry cleaning industry, it’s no different.

The unique work environment of dry cleaners presents a range of potential safety risks. Whether it’s filing away documents, making sure the machinery is working properly or dealing with chemicals and cleaning techniques, dry cleaners have to be sure to keep safety a priority.

Here are a few common onsite risks for dry cleaners to be aware of.

Protecting Against Risks

First, it’s important for dry cleaning businesses to be as protected and proactive as possible when it comes to facing risks and dealing with their effects. One way is to keep staff educated and informed on the various risks noted below, and another is to make sure they invest in an effective and comprehensive Dry Cleaner Insurance Program.

A Dry Cleaner Insurance Program can help to protect against risks, such as property damage, mechanical problems with machines, bodily injury, and cleanup tasks. Having this coverage is something that all dry cleaners would benefit from, protecting their business operations long term.


A lot of the work performed throughout the day at dry cleaning businesses is done with great frequency. This could expose a worker to repetitive motion injuries or other musculoskeletal injuries. Dry cleaners should be sure to keep employees moving and set aside time throughout the day to stretch and rest to avoid injury and stiffness.

Chemical Exposures

A dry cleaning business sees a wide range of chemicals being used to complete daily operations and to handle different services. Some of these chemicals could cause a worker harm if they are inhaled or absorbed in some capacity. A common dry cleaning chemical used that can raise safety risks for employees is Perchloroethylene.

Fire Risks

When it comes to additional risks posed by chemicals, fires are also something to be aware of. Many of the chemicals and materials utilized at dry cleaner could serve as tinder sources or fuel for fires to break out. Having general awareness of fire hazards and where chemicals are stored can limit these risks from combining into major safety issues.

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