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Commercial Laundry Accounts: Supplementing Business

Like any industry, laundry businesses often face busy times of year and sparse times. During the months when customers are hard to come by and the facility is operating far below its capability, cultivating commercial laundry accounts can be the solution your clients have been waiting for. As acquiring and managing commercial clients takes some time and energy, here are some expert-recommended tips to share with your clients to be successful. In addition, protect their operation with a custom-tailored Coin-Op Advantage Insurance program.

If your clients have commercial-sized laundry machines, they might as well be taking full advantage. There are plenty of businesses that would benefit from a commercial laundry partnership. As these are likely untapped resources, suggest for your clients to approach local restaurants, bars, police departments, youth camps, salons and more to cultivate new partnerships.

Further, having an attended laundromat can increase business, as well. Even just one or two employees to manage commercial clients’ laundry and assist self-service customers is all that’s needed. This way, downtime can be turned into profit and promote repeat commercial business.

According to American Coin-Op, marketing service offerings through the occasional bulk mailing, advertisement through local RV parks, the chamber of commerce, local law enforcement posters, and school activities is recommended.

One such success story, Bjorn Wisecup, explained that with guidance from equipment manufacturer Dexter and distributor Metro-Chem, “I found the ability to adjust the cycles in my larger machines to be able to do (laundry for) a couple of restaurants … and then I started picking up hair salons, gyms, sports therapy, physical therapy shops … and then we grew to having a couple more employees and really stretching the space.”

These simple steps can help your clients take advantage of their existing assets including large square footage, commercial equipment, and local businesses to cultivate and manage commercial laundry accounts.

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