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Commercial Launderers, It’s Time to Brush Up on Wash Formula Best Practices

When it comes to wash formulas for commercial launderers, it’s important to make sure that the right chemicals are being used. This includes going over how they’re being used according to soil type, color, soil degree, and fiber content. All these elements help to ensure an effective use of chemicals and cut out any waste in resources.

Launderers should make sure they’re using the right chemicals and wash formulas. For this, it means going back to basics and retracing your steps to find any waste and correct any costly mistakes.

Formula Elements

The basic elements that are considered in designing efficient and effective chemistry in the wash include soil types and levels as well as wash equipment, wash temperature, and fabric composition.

By gathering together all these elements, you’re allowing the right combination of chemistry, builders, detergent, water conditioners, and specialty products to be employed, and enhancing your understanding of the overall cost impact.

When it comes to keeping effectiveness high, when one element of the chemical formula is modified, others in the package have to fall in line as well. If an operator wants to cut down on time and speed up the formula, there has to be an equal increase in chemical usage as well as temperature.

Getting the Essential Chemicals

For commercial launderers, it’s also important to be clear about what essential chemicals should be used in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday operations. Things like a softening agent, a bleaching agent, an alkaline builder, and a neutralizing sour are all basic elements that should be used.

For alkaline, this breaks down and neutralizes soils while conditioning natural textiles to help release soils. For detergents, the most important portion of a wash formula, they lift away and suspend oily and greasy soils, and can do the most work against synthetic fibers.

Detergents are designed to work at different temperature ranges, which depends on the needs of the commercial laundry. They’re engineered to have the right level of foaming, as excess foam can reduce the mechanical action of the washer.

Bleaches, like chlorine, oxygen and peracetic acid, are the basic choices to use. Each choice has its pluses and minuses, so selecting the right bleach option is a crucially important part of outlining the right wash process for the laundry’s needs.

Going beyond the basic elements, launderers have several different options that can be used to bolster the entire cleaning process. Things like antichlor, a water softening conditioner, and a bacteriostatic agent can all be used to enhance longevity, hygiene, and linen appearance.

Common Mishaps to Look Out For

Several mistakes can be made every day in the industry when it comes down to wash formula and chemistry elements. One thing that happens commonly but should still be avoided is altering one part of the formula without touching on the other parts.

What happens is that if, say, bleaches are reduced but the detergents aren’t, it could cause the quality of the load to suffer due to an unequal and insufficient usage. Using the wrong formula on goods isn’t as effective as doing it correctly as chemistry and wash formulas are designed for specific types of soil and fabric types.

Also, laundries need to make sure the washers are in top condition and not leaking or achieving temperatures that are needed. If any of these elements are present, it could limit the chemistry as well as the inability of the formula to perform well.

Lastly, and this goes across the board for all commercial launderers, a major mistake is operating without commercial laundry insurance. Commercial laundry insurance is in place to help businesses with a wide range of liabilities and claims. Commercial laundry insurance will provide a financial backstop for clients when machines need repair or replacement, or when a negligence claim is assessed to an issue with a vendor.

Having this kind of coverage is an essential formula for all commercial launderers who want to make sure they’re operating cleanly and with the right support.

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