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Can Technology Transform Your Laundry Business?

Historically, coin-operated laundry businesses have been cash-only models. While this has worked for decades in the past, today’s fast-paced and digital landscape opens up the laundry industry to more advancements and process streamlining. The implementation of technology, such as credit card and vending card systems, can improve business and open your business up to a wider demographic. In this article, we’ll make a case for considering increasing the use of commercial laundry technology in your business. Most importantly, invest in your operation and achieve peace of mind with a custom-tailored Coin-Op Advantage Insurance Package.

It increases business management strategies.

According to Coinomatic, laundry equipment technology allows business owners to use web-based management tools to drill down specifics about the inner workings of their facility, helping to drive more informed and better business decisions. In addition, these systems allow you to:

  • See all customer transactions in real-time
  • Access the business management system remotely from a variety of web-connected devices
  • Use analytical tools to help you better understand the flow of your laundromat business operations
  • Gain full accountability of loyalty cards, coin, and credit/debit cards 

It can prevent fraud.

Card technology systems are equipped with software that can ensure you track every dollar. Keeping close tabs on cash and credit card transactions means there is less room for internal fraud.

It provides more payment options.

Rather than relying on cash, your customers can do their laundry hassle-free by utilizing the vending services. Depending on your system, they can pay with cash, credit cards, debit cards and even loyalty points if you offer them. Allowing your customers to skip the ATM (and the fees associated with them) to use your coin operated laundry offers a more competitive edge.

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