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Building Customer Loyalty in your Laundromat

The laundry industry is a competitive one. With so many other stores to choose from, it’s important to give your clients a reason to keep coming back to your laundromat. So, how do you achieve this? Build customer loyalty and provide incentives for them to remain your customers. As we take a closer look at how this can be achieved, ensure your operation is secured with a customized Coin-Op Advantage Insurance program.

Cast a wider net.

Do this by creating a loyalty card that rewards customers from returning to your facility. Encourage customers to register their cards online and earn a discounted rate for their next load or even a free service. Not only is this great for customer acquisition, but they can use these preloaded cards to pay for their laundry loads instead of bringing quarters. Try putting a few dollars on them and mailing them out to prospective new customers.

Deborah Dower of Paradise Laundry in Sacramento, California explains to American Coin-Op, “We wanted to add credit cards because I wanted to be able to reach a different demographic. I really felt that we’re obviously capturing the quarter laundry users with the coins, but I felt that we could add credit cards and … we would cast a wider net and be able to capture that homeowner that has a washing machine, but needs those oversized items [cleaned].”

Stay in contact.

Take advantage of your customer email list by sending out monthly promotions and special offers. Further, update your Facebook and social media pages to garner likes and buzz about your laundry facility.

Require full participation from staff.

Staff members are the ones who interact with customers face to face each day. Ensure they are asking for the loyalty cards or punch cards to get the customers the points and earnings they deserve. Employees are on the front lines, so they should be on board with the process and be diligent with them.

At Irving Weber Associates, we have a unique understanding of the Laundromat business. Our specialty programs offer protection to financially secure your business in the best way possible to ensure your success. For more information, contact our experts today at (855) 764-7406.