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Boosting Holiday Sales: Online Marketing Tips

We’ve posted various articles in the past that have highlighted sales, marketing, and customer service tips for those in the drycleaning industry. The holidays bring on a whole new challenge though; how do you reach those customers who are strapped for time and typically not as willing to spend their disposable income on drycleaning during this gift-buying season. Efficient online marketing is a large part of the answer. The following are some basic marketing tips to help drycleaners through the holiday 2015 season.

Use Local Marketing Resources

According to marketing site, the average time a consumer is willing to travel to a local business is 17 minutes. If your business is in a largely populated area, this is great for competition; however consumers in your area must know about you! Social advertising is often the best method of local advertising; LocalVox claims that 29% of consumers approach local businesses for their products and services after seeing an advertisement on Facebook.

Utilize Email Marketing

Do you have an email list? This is a great way to reach not only your existing clients, but also potential clients. Say you have a blog on your site with cleaning tips for your customers; the blog could include a subscription link so that readers can receive notifications when a new post has been published. This subscription list can also be used to send out promotional emails to attract visitors to your store. Be sure if you utilize this to follow anti-spam rules and allow potential subscribers to opt in to receive marketing from your facility.

Partner with Nearby Small Businesses

This is especially pertinent if your drycleaner is located amongst retailers. You could each promote the others’ products and services both on your website as well as through flyers and print ads, without worrying about leading your consumers to a competitor. The holiday season is the perfect time to do this, as there will be high foot traffic in shopping malls and clothing retail stores.

The most important thing to remember about holiday marketing both online and offline is that it must be a year-long process. Take what you’ve learned about marketing this season and apply it to a year-long marketing strategy to see the best results and ideally boost your sales.

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