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Boosting Drycleaning Profits with Image

The idea of branding is not a new feature for marketing strategies. However, many drycleaner owners don’t give a second thought to their own brand and the image- or lack thereof- that they portray. While you might not be an international brand, that doesn’t mean you can’t polish up your image within your own community. With that said, let us take a closer look at how to achieve a positive image and boost revenues within your drycleaning business. Further, equip yourself with an iron-clad FabriCare Insurance Program to secure each facet of your operation.

First and foremost, think bigger than a logo. Instead, successful branding and creating a positive image starts by repositioning your business in the marketplace. While market position can encompass many factors, Ken Banks, CEO of KAB Marketing, suggests starting with two that are of proven potency: 1) your price and 2) service reputation. It’s important to get insights on these factors from your customers rather than relying on your preconceptions- that’s because the two can be in conflict, and only by understanding and modifying the public perception can you increase sales, says American Dry Cleaner.

Ask your customers a series of questions related to your service and your prices. For example, do you offer the services they need? Is there something you are lacking? How important is price? How does our service compare to other drycleaners they have used in the past? Do this immediately after their purchase so they don’t have to jog their memory. Remember, it’s amazing how honest customers will be if you ask them questions upfront. Not only that, but you will be building rapport and trust with them. If you ask questions about how you can improve and build your brand, they are more likely to feel valued.

Use the feedback from customers to improve your service and your prices. Even more importantly, you must keep it up. “You have to monitor where customer preferences are and where you are going on the perceptual map. If you move up or down, ask, ‘What did we do to cause that?’ Or maybe you moved because consumer tastes are changing. If so, you have to keep up with them,” explains Banks.

Finally, an expensive advertising campaign doesn’t necessarily equal boosted revenues. Instead, focus on your customer’s desires and work to create a positive image with the people who regularly support your business.

At Irving Weber Associates, we have a unique understanding of the dry cleaning business. Our specialty programs offer protection to financially secure your business in the best way possible to ensure your success. For more information, contact our experts today at (855) 764-7406.