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Boiler Safety Advice for Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners have a lot of moving parts to keep everything running smoothly. If one of those parts has an issue, it can throw the whole system out of balance. When it comes to boiler safety, dry cleaners need to ensure that everything is of the highest standard so there aren’t any safety issues on the premises.

Boilers can overheat and be improperly wired, and also present other problems that can go unnoticed for some time if not inspected properly and on a regular basis. It’s important to make sure your dry cleaning business is operating safely in every way, including boilers, before something potentially damaging happens to your business. Here are some ways to ensure boiler safety.

Covering Loss Through Insurance

Dry cleaner’s insurance is an option for dry cleaning businesses who want to protect their property as much as the business itself. An uninsured boiler can mean a total loss for a dry cleaner. A boiler alone costs thousands of dollars to replace, but having dry cleaners insurance will help to cover those costs in the event of a an accident.

Get It Inspected

Usually, dry cleaners insurance companies require boiler and pressure vessel inspection on a regular basis, not to mention the behest of local and/or state governments. Having regular maintenance and inspection of a boiler can help to detect and curb damage issues presented by a faulty boiler. Whether it’s improper installation or something seemingly small going unnoticed, there is a variety of problems that can arise without a thorough inspection.

Depending on the business, a dry cleaner will have one or more boilers under its roof. Inspectors will come out and check for a few things including failure of cutoff system to operate when water gets too low, operator error and poor maintenance. From there, an inspector should offer some guidance on what needs to be fixed or replaced.

Maintenance and Safety

There are many ways to bolster boiler safety and ensure that the installation process was done to the best of its ability and that maintenance is performed regularly.

Here are a few steps that can be taken:

  • Replacement parts: Dry cleaners should purchase high-quality replacement parts for any boiler or pressure vessel repair. Skimping on the right parts and high quality will put your boiler at risk for not operating at optimum performance.
  • Safety testing: There should be a regular, periodic safety-test program in place for all boilers and pressure vessels on the premises. Make sure that everyone on staff who works around a boiler knows danger signs and who to call for help. Have a checklist handy of things to look for. Whenever something of concern is detected, call the chief boiler inspector within your jurisdiction.
  • Training: All personnel who use the boiler(s) on a regular basis should be appropriately trained on how to inspect and suggest repairs. While thorough knowledge of a boiler is not necessarily reasonable, knowing what to look for and being aware of safety concerns will help to create an environment of education and accountability.
  • Keeping it clean and clear: Always keep the area around a boiler clean and clear of clutter. Never have anything flammable even remotely close to a boiler and have regular cleaning of the area to ensure that dust is not present.

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