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Boiler Room Money-Saving Solutions

As many laundry business operators are aware, your boiler is critical to your business. However, now that the new year is well under way, it’s time to reevaluate their efficiency and determine how you can reduce costs in your boiler rooms. In addition, start the new year off right with a custom tailored Coin Op Advantage Insurance Program, specifically crafted to protect laundry business owners like you.

Your boiler’s efficiency directly relates to your fuel bill. Without monitoring these areas, you could be inadvertently throwing money away. According to Hartford Steam Boiler, excess air is the amount of air supplied over the minimum amount needed to completely combust fuel in a boiler. Too little excess air means that the fuel will not completely combust, which can create soot or carbon monoxide. Too much excess air means excess heat is sent out the stack, which creates an efficiency loss. If you haven’t had a burner tune-up within the past year or your boiler operation has changed significantly, it’s time to have it tuned. Even reducing the excess air by 10-15% can save you thousands in fuel costs annually!

Built-up ash on the fire side of the boiler and scales on the water component impede efficiency over time. Maintain the boiler’s efficiency by maintaining a water treatment program to prevent scale buildup, and tuning the burner to prevent soot buildup. During your annual inspection or when the boiler is down, check the waterside of the boiler for scale and the fireside for soot, explains the article.

Next, inspect the steam traps. If you haven’t done so in a few years, chances are, at least a few of them aren’t working properly, which is costing you money. Lastly, assess the insulation in the pipes. Failure to do so can lead to approximately $600 in wasted energy each year. Even though you might be in a rush to get things up and running after a repair or renovation, take this extra step to save you money and improve efficiency in the long run.

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