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4 Ways for Dry Cleaning Operations to Cut Costs

For dry cleaning businesses heading into the summer, it’s good to start looking for ways to cut down on costs without having to sacrifice comfort or manpower. While labor is typically the largest cost in the laundry market, it’s utilities and energy usage that can add up, especially during the hotter and wetter months of the year.

Laundry operations can look for some great ways to cut costs, including energy usage, and save money, not just for the summer but beyond that. Not only will this help to increase energy efficiency across the board, but it can lower costs moving forward. Here are some ideas on how to do this.

1. Don’t Skimp on Insurance

First, before you look for light switches to click off or chords to cut to save money, make sure you’re keeping your dry cleaners insurance program intact. Some businesses look for things like dry cleaners insurance to cut so they can keep their energy usage high. But before you think about scaling back in insurance coverage, just know you would be sacrificing much-needed protection against risks and liabilities that face your business every day.

Instead of calling it quits on dry cleaners insurance, it’s important to know that you need this to keep your business intact and covered in the event of a claim from an employee, vendor, or customer. Not having this on hand because you wanted to save some money without looking for other ways to do so can end up costing you even more down the road.

2. Keep It Measured

Dry cleaners can find ways to cut down on energy usage to save money month over month. One way this can be achieved is by installing fixed price electrical and natural gas contracts with energy suppliers that can shrink monthly costs significantly. Energy tracking meters and software can measure energy usage and cost and help give you a snapshot of what can be skimmed down and what parts of your business are using more energy than others.

These meters and software providers are effective in helping you see how you can scale back on usage moving forward and pinpoint areas in which usage isn’t necessary.

Also, water and water-related heat usage can be cut down by using heat recovery and water reuse systems, like a boiler exhaust energy recovery system or a water reuse system.

3. Control Transportation Costs

Gas prices in the summer are usually higher during other times of year because demand is high. While you need to still make your deliveries on time and in full, there are ways in which to cut costs if you have a fleet of delivery vehicles. This can be done through a number of small, but handy tips like keeping your tires inflated, using your air conditioner when it’s needed the most, keeping your oil and maintenance in check, and driving slowly and carefully to ease up on gas usage.

4. Adjust Lighting

Much like with cutting costs around fuel usage or cooling your business, instilling energy efficiency in your business’s lighting is another effective way to save some money year-round. Start by replacing your fluorescent lighting with LED lights and clean your light fixtures on a regular basis. Also, use lower-wattage bulbs to maximize the light that a fixture can actually give out. You can even go a step further by utilizing natural light as much as you can or even installing motion-detecting light sensors that use the light in your business only when someone is in the area.

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