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3 Ways to Improve Your Dry Cleaning Business’s Customer Service

Every small business knows the role that customer service plays in retaining customer and gaining new ones. Customer service can boost or sink a major corporation, so imagine what it can do for a local business looking to grow. According to the National Business Research Institute, customer loyalty exists when a customer makes the conscious choice to do business with a store or company or brand even when a less expensive and more convenient option is available to them.

If a small business, such as a dry cleaner, is in need of a refresh when it comes to its customer service, there are many different ways it can be achieved to gain optimal results. Here are some of the things your dry cleaning business can grow customer loyalty by instilling better customer service.

1. Train Your Staff

Customer service can be manifested in many different forms today. From in-person to online, over the phone to chatbots, the many different ways to execute quality customer service are helping businesses grow a consumer base. But with these new and growing opportunities to connect with people comes the importance of training and education for staff.

No matter the method, a business’s team needs to be ready to take on complaints, questions or concerns in the best possible way. Dry cleaning management staff should encourage staff to interact more positively with customers and also look for areas of weakness for opportunities to grow. Management can then get everyone involved in discussions and open up the floor for suggestions, which can then turn into transparency and camaraderie. The goal is to have a collective understanding of what positive customer service looks like to the entire staff, not just management.

2. Improve Clarity and Knowledge

Another great tip for dry cleaners is to bolster customer service through communications. This can be achieved through making the staff more accessible with online chat options or clearly available phone contacts. But when it comes to actually conversing with customers, there needs to be clarity in what is being discussed.

Customers who have questions or concerns want to know they are getting the right information, so training staff to have the right knowledge on topics related to your services will help to alleviate any stress customers may feel.

3. Become More Accessible

No matter the business, no customer likes to have a hard time tracking someone down for help. It’s important to be visible and present at all times so customers can get in touch with the right person. When customers aren’t in the store, there still needs to be an air of accessibility for them when they have a question or concern about your services.

This can be handled by becoming more accessible to the customer online. Having a well-manicured website with updated business information, such as hours and prices, can help to keep a line of communication and information open. Creating online content, including blog posts and infographics, can help to offer more industry-wide knowledge that is helpful to customers.

Having the right education and training as well as options to provide information is an important portion of a dry cleaning business. Creating customer loyalty isn’t always easy, but it can be achieved. Another way to maintain customer loyalty and uphold reputation is to invest in dry cleaners insurance meant to safeguard a business for a number of reasons. Having dry cleaners insurance in place will help to protect a business when systems go down or mechanical issues arise. If there are problems with tools and machines inside a dry cleaning business it helps to have the right dry cleaners insurance to be a financial backup plan.

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