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3 Common DryCleaner Mistakes to Avoid

Drycleaners are experts at their craft, removing tough stains and cleaning high maintenance garments year-round.  However, there are some common mistakes that these professionals make, often unbeknownst to them.  In order to conquer their business, retain customers, and thrive, drycleaners can heed the following advice.  In addition to reading on, protect your entire operation front to back with a custom-tailored FabriCare Advantage™ Insurance program.

Mistake #1: Not focusing on customer service.

As we mentioned in our last blog, customer service is extremely important.  Without your loyal customers, your business would cease to exist.  It’s the duty of the drycleaner to satisfy the customer’s needs and to provide a quality service.  If a customer is dissatisfied, the dry cleaner needs to be quick to apologize and do what is necessary to rectify the issue to the customer’s satisfaction.  This might be a big fear for the drycleaner, but handling the situation gracefully can prevent you from losing a customer and earning a negative review online.

Mistake #2: Quantity over quality.

When handling heavy volumes of clothing during busy periods of time, some dry cleaners will attempt to rush jobs and push more garments through the cleaning cycle than is allowed by their machinery.  These dry cleaners overfill their washing machines and exceed equipment limitations with large quantities of clothing in order to meet deadlines.  This results in clothing that does not become entirely clean in the wash cycle.  If a laundry location is consistently busy and overwhelmed, they should consider investing in more equipment instead of overtaxing machines that are inadequate for large loads, explains experts.

Mistake #3: Disorganization.

Without the proper processes in place, customer’s items can easily become lost or damaged.  A reliable tracking system is required so that items don’t go missing.


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