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11 Tips for Restaurant Building Maintenance

Restaurant Building Maintenance Tips

While restaurants across the United States are hitting the pause button on serving sit-down customers during the Coronavirus outbreak, they can still reevaluate what it means to create an all-around great place to patronize when things get back up and running. While having great food and service can bring back happy customers, taking a much broader approach to business operations as a restaurant can ensure longevity in a restaurant. One thing to reevaluate is restaurant building maintenance.

Simple things like having plenty of parking and clean bathrooms can help to create an overall great experience for customers. Being aware of small touches can help to cover all bases of a pleasant dining experience for customers.

Here are some restaurant building tips that restaurant clients can take in order to keep every area of their business in the best shape once people get back to their everyday dining activities.

  • Fix potholes, cracks and other damages to the asphalt quickly after noticing them or after a customer points out these damages. Check to make sure that all handicap spots are clearly marked.
  • Conduct inspection checks of the parking lot as you would other parts of the restaurant for patron damage such as graffiti or litter.
  • Purchase toilet partitions and doors with strong hardware and frames that resist wear and tear. Select sturdy waste baskets that are resistant to damage. Place these items right below the towel dispensers so less trash makes its way to the floor.
  • Keep Restaurant Insurance Coverages updated. Having the right level of insurance can help to provide the resources needed to fix mechanical problems that need to be addressed or protect against potential liability claims related to issues with parking, cleanliness, or experience.
  • Purchase towel and toilet paper dispensers with clear windows to allow employees to easily see when the unit needs refilling.
  • Select fiberglass-reinforced bathroom doors, which are sturdy and fire-resistant.
  • Buy materials that are mark-resistant, paint-resistant or scratch-resistant. This will prevent the surfaces from being damaged by graffiti.
  • Inspect bathrooms regularly throughout the day.
  • Make sure to meet all state hygiene standards and more at all times. Food preparation, merchandising, presentation and upkeep are all areas under scrutiny.
  • Find ways to streamline operational costs and ensure higher profits. This can be done by saving energy through updating outdated modes of lighting, temperature control devices, and more.
  • Review service standards to ensure that all are being met and are helping to add to the overall satisfaction of guests. Every part of a maintenance program is focused on providing the best service and experience to customers. 

These restaurant building maintenance tips can all help to strengthen a restaurant’s success and are just as important as the food that’s being served. Cleanliness, efficiency, appearance, and quality of service all combine to define the service and success of the business.

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